It is not easy to become a lawyer in any country as the exams are tough and they have so many laws to keep in their mind as different time periods. In some countries the culture and traditions of their state is mixed with the law too. In such cases law students have to mandatory follow up all sources to properly understand and face the exams. After the exams sessions are over, practical learning and understanding begins. This is the phase where they have to get the practical experiences and in this session they can decide what area that they should be focusing on. It totally depends on the choice of each individual because by this period they can realize the area that they are good in. therefore this is a mandatory process that they should face. Once the training ends, the senior lawyer has to issue a service letter for them and through this letter they will be able to pronounce the oath officially as a lawyer.

Once this whole phase is gone they can finally decide on the branch they want to stick into. It is either civil or criminal. In most civil cases, lawyers try to fit into the company secretarial side but there are other ways too. On the other hand if one wants to practice with a criminal lawyer, they will clearly have to go to courts as almost every case relating to a criminal background will be heard in a court that has jurisdiction for it.

If someone want to work with a firm such as assault lawyer in Sydney that handle cases relating to dangerous drugs and opium, going to the court is mandatory s those have to be decided through evidence and can only be done in courts.Furthermore, there are drink driving lawyers who handle cases relating to motor traffic offences and so on. If it falls under a motor traffic offence that does not have a criminal aspect it can go to civil courts but if they can find a criminal intention in that situation they can clearly take the case to the criminal court before a judge in order to ascertain who the guilty party is when that is found such person will be liable and will also be punished according to the laws of that country. In many civil cases the punishment will be an order to pay damages or compensation but in criminal cases imprisonment or even the death sentence can be ordered if it’s serious.

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