How would you feel if your building collapsed? That day you will probably feel like you literally died. Because, constructing a house or any other type of building is a huge investment. Sometimes, all your money which you have been earning for many years, will be spent on that. Therefore, if it collapses there’s no other way to call it. It is a zero return on investment. When it happens, you have to keep in mind that, not only the building is destroyed, but you will have to say good bye to all the other stuff such as machines, equipment which you had fixed. The worst case would be, the loss of human resource. That is the most tragic thing ever. However, it is quite obvious that a building doesn’t just collapse. If that’s the case, all the well-managed buildings also should collapse. There have to a specific reason or more than one reason for this. Let’s take a look at few of those in detail. Foundations are weakForget about buildings for a second. Think of a child’s education. If the teacher does not teach the basics at school, then the child will make mistakes even when he/she starts working in an office in the future. Basics, in other words, is the foundation. Similarly, when a building is being constructed, the foundation has to be strong. For instance, if you are planning to put up a seven story building, the foundation has to strong enough to hold that weight. If the foundation is made only for five stories, then it will surely collapse. Sometimes property maintenance services Perth-AU companies will be able to identify if there’s any such issue when they pay a visit to your place. Materials are not strongThere could be hundreds of materials when it comes to a construction. You may use cement, sand, metal, and a lot of other raw materials. For example, a mason knows the combination of different materials. There are certain quantities and standard ratios of mixing. If something goes wrong, you may even end up with a disaster. You  can check out more here Workers’ mistakesWe are human beings and we make so many mistakes. But, a mistake is a mistake only when it is made at the first time. If we do it the second time as well, then it will not be considered as a mistake. Any one could say that you did it purposely. Nevertheless, if a worker does something against the normal process, later you will suffer damages. Hence, it is your responsibility to get experienced people for the construction. Having mentioned such reasons for building collapse, you should also remember to ensure regular building maintenance. Even though you can guarantee the quality of the edifice, if you do not pay attention on maintenance, things will not last for so long. Be catious!