Have you always wondered or questioned about the durability of your foundation? it could be a house a small shop or whatever fits the description. There was a type in the history of civil engineering where reinforcing foundations or repairing them was either simply impossible or extremely expensive. But thanks to the technical and creative advancements in the maintenance sector, we now have the chance to replenish these criterion when needed.This is via the help of underpinned and re-stumped solutions. But the problem arises on how and what you’re going to do it. Since you need professional intervention in the end of the day, it is ideal to hire the best in the game.Here are 3 questions to ask when hitting a residential or commercial stumping company.

“How do I know if I need reinforcements or replacements?”

This is where you draw the line and differentiate the needed solution from house underpinning from the solutions that is done by redone stumps. In the underpinned solutions, what happens is that the previous stumps are left to be as they are, and new additional stumps are introduced. But in redone stumps technique, the older ones are taken out, and obviously cleaned up and then a set of all new stumps are introduced. Choosing one of these cannot be done by what’s simply visible. That’s why you need the right professionals for the job.

“What is the typical process of your service?”

Not even the best company in the world could just show up and do what they do in a matter like this. First, a reconnaissance survey must be done regarding the solid quality. In addition, the excavation techniques, the chosen type of the stumps and all of that must be done at the planning or preparation stage. If it is a house restumping from B & A Foundations that is being done, it is essential to ensure that the right number of stumps are decided since all the deteriorated ones will be removed. The process always matters.

“Should we evacuate during the process?”

Redoing the stumps of a house isn’t an easy process. It involves somewhat excavating, making way to the stumps and the entire process can be quite noisy and dusty. In a situation like this, it is essential for you to be present at the premises as long as you can. That way, you can witness everything by your own eyes. However, the real question is whether you will be able to use the property when they are carrying out the service? That must be sorted out at the very beginning itself.