Do you feel like you’re wasting your semester break? Do you want to make better use of it? If so, then the below suggestions for a better college break is just for you.

Rejuvenate your mind; get your body back in shape

Without a doubt, though it is the most memorable and eventful years of your young life, your college days are also some of the busiest (especially as graduation closes in) and stressful times of your life. Relationships are formed and broken, and exams have you hopping from one all-nighters to another. That being said, it makes sense that you use your semester break to rejuvenate your mind and get your body back in shape. Eat healthy, sleep well, and exercise regularly. Keep yourself well hydrated. Do sports like swimming that serves to exercise your body and also de-stresses your mind.

Earn a little cash

If you’re too busy during the semester to actually work, then the break is the perfect time to start working and earning a little extra pocket money. Since most of your days are relatively free, squeeze in as many jobs as you can. Become a university tutor (a job you can continue even after going back to college via the internet), clean pools or cut grass, be a life guard at your local swimming pool, or even freelance as a food writer for your local news papers; giving yourself the chance to sample food from all the restaurants at town…!

Work on your CV

You already know that you have to start gearing up for the “Race of the real world” the moment you leave college. Job hunting should, ideally, start before you leave college, so you have a job as soon as you graduate. However, since there are thousands of others like you graduating around the same time, you need to make sure you have something extra to offer to your future employees. Work on your CV while on your break. University tutoring online can give you the cash, but you need more for your CV. Volunteer and join internship programs in companies that interest you. For example; do a certificate course that compliment your degree or learn an additional language. Check this link to find out more details.

Connect and reconnect; meeting people you don’t get to spend time with